Safety First: The Risks Of DIY Overhead Door Repairs

Home improvements and DIY projects have surged in popularity, thanks in part to countless online tutorials that make tasks seem manageable for even the novice homeowner. However, while there are many projects suitable for DIY enthusiasts, overhead door repair should not be one of them. The risks associated with attempting to repair overhead doors without professional assistance are considerable and can lead to serious injury or even fatality.  Spring Tension Dangers Read More 

4 Signs Of Garage Door Weather Seal Damage

Your garage door system contains various weather seals. These seals help insulate the door and make it weathertight. However, seals don't work indefinitely; you will need to have them replaced if they wear or get damaged. How can you tell if your garage door's seals have a problem? 1. You Can See Damage on the Seals A working seal should be intact and firmly fixed into place. A quick visual check will tell you if your seals have a problem. Read More 

Garage Doors - Maintenance Tips That Can Prolong Their Lifespan

If your home has a garage door, something you should care about is how long it holds up. The more effort you put into its maintenance, the fewer complications and repair costs you'll have to deal with after all. Here are some impactful maintenance suggestions that can help you keep your own garage door long-lasting. Replace Rollers at the Appropriate Time In order for your garage door to move along the tracks smoothly, it requires rollers that are in good condition. Read More