Why Some Garage Doors Don’t Close All The Way

Garage doors are meant to provide your home with security and are also meant to protect your vehicles from the elements. However, some garage doors do not close all the way or end up opening when you don't intend them to. If this is the case, you'll need to get to the bottom of it so you can have your garage door repaired.

A Misaligned Sensor

One of the most common reasons that a garage door does not close all the way is that it has a sensor that is not functioning properly. Sensors are responsible for making sure that there are no objects blocking the garage door. However, a sensor might not be properly aligned, and this can lead to the door not closing. A garage door technician will inspect the sensors, adjust them, and make sure that they're level.

Tracks That Are Out of Alignment

Your garage door might not be able to physically close because the roller tracks are out of alignment. The weather striping might be out of alignment and might be getting in the way. This could be causing the garage door to not be able to move along the tracks easily and could prevent the door from closing. There might also be debris in the tracks that is preventing the door from closing.

Damaged Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs play an important role in making sure that the garage door is able to open and close. However, the springs can become damaged and this can interfere with the operation of the garage door.

When the springs experience wear and tear, they must be replaced by a garage door repair technician so that the door can continue to function properly. If you try to fix the door yourself, you will potentially place yourself in danger because garage door springs are under a lot of pressure and you can potentially become injured when handling them.

Damaged Cables

Cables are also used to allow a garage door to open and close. Cables can also become damaged and this will interfere with the ability of the garage door to move toward the floor. If this is the case, a repair technician will need to replace them.

An Improperly Set Limit Setting

The garage door has a limit setting that determines when the door should stop closing. If the limit setting is set too high, the door will stop prematurely. Once the underlying problem is corrected, your garage door will function properly.

For more information about garage repair, contact a local professional.