3 Signs That Could Indicate The Need For A Garage Door Opener Repair

The use of an automatic garage door opener can make operating your garage door far easier and more convenient. However, like all electrical appliances, these automatic door openers will need to be repaired or replaced from time to time in order to ensure proper function. If you notice any of the three warning signs described below, it could be time for you to seek out a garage door opener repair. 

Warning Sign #1: Your Garage Door Randomly Switches Direction

Does your garage door get partway through opening or closing and then randomly stop and switch direction? If so, you should know that this strongly indicates an issue with either your garage door opener or the safety sensor at the bottom of your garage door. In some cases, this issue can be resolved by simply making sure that there is nothing blocking your safety sensor or the track of your garage door. However, in many cases, a garage door opener repair will be necessary in order to resolve this issue. If you do not see an obvious reason for this problem, it is best to have your door examined by a professional rather than trying to resolve this issue on your own. 

Warning Sign #2: Your Garage Door Opener Does Not Always Respond The First Time

When using an automatic garage door opener you should only need to press your remote a single time before the door responds and begins either opening or closing. If you find that you sometimes need to press this remote multiple times before your door responds, this could indicate a short in your wiring. This can be much more than a simple inconvenience and can lead to safety hazards. Consequently, you should seek out a garage opener repair as quickly as possible when noticing this warning sign.

Warning Sign #3: Your Garage Door Has Become Noisier When Opening Or Closing

People often associate increased noise with the aging process when discussing just about any type of mechanical appliance. However, the truth is that your garage door should not become louder simply because your garage door opener is older. If you notice a grinding, squealing, or squeaking noise when opening or closing your garage door, this is a good indication that you are in need of garage door opener repair services. Ignoring this warning sign could result in some rather serious safety concerns. Consequently, it is always best to discontinue the use of your garage door until you are able to get the repairs you need. 

For more information on garage door opener repair, contact a professional near you.