Does Your Garage Door Open or Close on Its Own? Here’s What Could Be the Problem

There's nothing as stressful as a reversing garage door when you open or close it. It is inconvenient and also poses significant security risks. Intruders can easily access your home. If you're concerned about why your door is opening or closing on its own, here are some common causes of this problem and why timely garage repair is necessary.

Problematic Sensors

When dirt fills up your safety sensor, it may not open or close as it should. If there's no obstruction, but the door opens or closes halfway then reverses, the sensors are likely misaligned. Your garage system has two safety sensors fitted at the bottom. If the sensors don't align properly, your roller will fail to operate as it should. Besides the misalignment of your photo eye sensors, it may close or open by itself if there are issues with the sensor wiring. You should expect a knowledgeable garage door repair expert to handle this issue.

Issues with the System that Opens the Door

If your door moves halfway, then reverse during its operation, consider adjusting your limit settings. The limit setting guides the garage door on how far it should move before it completely opens or closes. When you don't set up the limit correctly, it won't operate as it should. If you suspect that your settings are off, speak to your repair professional to help you reset them. They know how to troubleshoot and fix all the opener programs for a functional door. 

A Malfunctioned Remote-Control System

When your garage door remote control has issues, it can send conflicting signals to the opener, causing it not to operate effectively. Your remote's design allows it to be durable. However, if you mishandle it, like if it falls too often, its circuit board may become damaged. It could lead to the internal wiring getting loose, meaning that your motor will receive the wrong signal. If you believe that the remote is causing your problem, contact your repair technician to inspect it and advise on the need for replacement.

When your garage door opens or closes by itself, you should take measures to ensure it works perfectly. If you don't take the necessary precautions, you'll have difficulties controlling your energy bill. The best approach is to call your garage door repair technician to advise you whether any of the problems highlighted above could be causing your door not to close or open as it should.