Why a Garage Door Spring Can Suddenly Break

Are you aware that there are many different types of garage door springs? If so, know that this part is responsible for lifting the garage door, and it is the part that you want to maintain. Here is what you need to know about this important part and what can cause it to fail.

The Spring Has Exceeded Its Estimated Lifespan

Not all garage door springs are created equal since they are rated based on how many cycles that they can go through before they need replacement. There are cheap garage door springs that are rated to not last that long, and others that can last a very long time. 

For example, if you use your garage door twice a day to exit and enter the garage it is considered one cycle. If you have a two-car garage with two people using the garage door every day, that equals around 730 cycles of wear on the spring each year. If the spring is only rated to last for 5,000 cycles then the spring could need replacement between six and seven years. Meanwhile, a garage door rated for up to 30,000 cycles could last over 40 years before replacement is necessary. 

The Bearing Plates Are Sticking

The spring has a left and right bearing that rotate to operate the garage door. If the bearing plates are sticking, then it is going to put more wear and tear on the garage door spring each time it goes through a cycle. This will reduce the number of cycles that the spring can go through, and cause it to wear down prematurely. 

The Rollers Are Sticking 

Another aspect of a garage door that can cause the spring to work harder than it has to are the rollers on the garage door. If these rollers are sticking and in need of replacement, the garage door is not going to open and close as smoothly as it could over time. As more pressure is put on the spring, it will decrease the lifespan of the spring in the same way that sticking bearing plates can also wear it down. 

If you need garage door spring repair, reach out to a garage door technician to help replace it. This is one part of your garage door that is difficult to repair on your own, and it is best to leave it to a professional so that it is done correctly and safely.