Upgrading Your Garage Door And Opener To Increase Efficiency And Reduce Noise

When the garage door and opener on your garage start to age, they can become loud and not work as well as they should. Often upgrading to a new door and a better opener can help reduce the noise and increase the efficiency of the entire assembly.

Garage Door Replacement

When you are choosing a new garage door, finding one that fits your house's style is an excellent place to start. Modern garage doors are made from aluminum and vinyl, so they are lightweight and durable, requiring less maintenance than older doors, and the panels can be made to look like older doors if you want to retain a historic style for your home. 

Most garage door companies offer replacement services that include the door and the installation for one price. Talk to the garage door installer in your area about the options available to you, and they can help you select a door and order it. Then, they can schedule a time to come and install it for you.

Having the garage door professionally installed typically means you will get a warranty with it, which often includes the door and the installation. If the door is not working correctly after the installation is complete, having the warranty to fall back on can save you money if the door needs adjustments. 

Choosing A New Opener

When you decide to have a garage door replacement done, you may want to look at the door opener as well. If the opener is old, it may still function, but the drive chain may be stretched and noisy, or the motor may be underpowered. If the opener is old enough, it may not have the required safety features. 

Replacing the door opener with a belt drive system can have a lot of advantages. The opener will be extremely quiet when in use, the motor is larger, and it is designed to have a safety beam integration that forces the door to stop if someone is in the way. The newer belt drive door openers are installed the same way as the older style, but the track is typical made from aluminum to make the system lighter, and the belt that drives the system is made of reinforced rubber, so it is strong and will not stretch over time. 

Some of the new openers on the market offer things like batteries that will charge when the power is on so the door can still operate if the power goes out. You can also integrate them into your smart home system so you can open and close the door from your phone if you need to.