Avoid Safety Hazards By Learning To Spot The Need For Garage Door Repairs

Making sure your garage door is functioning properly is an essential part of avoiding unnecessary damage and protecting yourself from potential injuries. Thankfully, spotting a brewing problem with your garage door's function can be quite easy once you know what to look for. If you spot any of the warning signs described below, be sure to call a garage door repair contractor right away to have your door inspected and any necessary repairs completed.

Changes In Opening Or Closing Speed

Your garage door should open and close at a constant and predictable speed. This is because the door opening system is programmed to open and close at a safe speed which allows for the management of the door's weight. If a component of this system becomes worn or damaged, it can result in your door opening slower or closing faster as the system struggles to deal with the sheer weight of your garage door. 

Door Opens Or Closes Crooked

Both sides of your garage door should move in sync when opening or closing. If you notice that your garage door is crooked when opening or closing, this points to an issue with either one of your garage door springs or the tract that your door moves on. Both of these issues can pose some pretty serious safety risks. Consequently, you should never try and operate your garage door after spotting this warning sign. Instead, be sure to contact a garage door repair contractor immediately to address the issue. 

Squeaking, Grinding, Or Rattling Sounds

Your garage door system is made up of many different moving parts. When all of these parts are functioning properly and are appropriately lubricated, your door should function rather quietly. If you notice any squeaking, grinding, or rattling sounds when opening or closing your garage door, this could be a sign that either your door is in need of lubricating or that a part has become loose or worn and is in need of repair or replacement. 

The Bottom Line

Most problems with your garage door can be easily repaired without the need to replace the entire door if you address these issues early on. The faster you are able to take note of any problems and have these problems repaired, the less likely the damage will be to spread. Consequently, you truly have nothing to lose by contacting a garage door specialist to inspect your door if you suspect something may be wrong.