Selecting The Best Over Head Door For Your Garage

Installing an overhead door for your garage can be a little overwhelming because there are many different doors to choose from. The way you use your garage can play a significant role in the overhead door you choose and the door's style. 

Overhead Door Styles

There are many different overhead door styles on the market, and whether you are looking at a door for your residential garage or a larger, industrial-style garage, you need to decide what will work best for you. Most garage doors have a track that allows the door to rise and slide back along the ceiling inside the garage.

You can use the standard door style in a small, residential garage with limited headroom and a large building that requires oversized overhead doors to allow for larger items to come in through the doors. Larger doors require larger panels, so it is a good idea to have an overhead door company come and measure the opening and help you determine what you need to ensure the door fits correctly. 

Adding windows to the commercial doors or using a panel with a specific texture or design are options that should be chosen when you are ordering the door. While most residential overhead garage doors do not have windows in them, you could add them. Talk to the overhead door company, and they can tell you what is available and help you choose the right door for your garage.

Overhead Door Installation

While some residential overhead doors are sold with DIY installation instructions, it is better to use an overhead door company for your installation unless you have experience installing an overhead door. The door needs to be installed correctly so it will not bind or drag when it is moving, and once the door is in place, it will require some fine adjustments to ensure proper performance.

If you want to use a power door opener on your new overhead door, let your installer know so they can get one created for the door you are using. The door's weight and size can make a significant difference in the door opener, and if you try and use one that is too small, it will burn out very quickly.

The overhead door company can install the door and opener simultaneously if you ask them to. This is often the best option and allows the installer to adjust the opener to make sure it functions properly and closes the door tightly so that you don't have rain, snow, or wind coming in under the garage door. 

To learn more, contact an overhead door supplier.