Challenges That Can Come Along With Garage Doors in the Winter

As the cold weather settles in where you live, numerous things around the house may need a little more attention. The cold can be hard on several elements and implements that make up your home, including the garage door. To make sure you don't run into major issues, read to learn about a few simple problems to watch out for as a homeowner. 

1. Hardware can get loose on wooden garage doors. 

Wooden garage door panels can expand and contract with changes in the weather. In the winter, when the temperatures are cold and the humidity levels are low, the wood can contract. When this happens, the hardware that was tightened well can get loose. You may notice the door seems more rattly than usual, your door may get caught up when opening or closing, and you may even have some hardware pieces that work their way out of place. If loose hardware comes out undetected, you can face a host of issues, including something as worrisome as a panel slipping out of place. 

2. Lubricated parts can move much less freely due to changes in temperatures. 

If you are vigilant about garage door maintenance, you likely apply lubricant on moving parts to keep them freely moving. For example, the tracks along the side of the door and the hinges that hold panels together should be lubricated. While the lubricant generally used for the purpose normally works fine through average and even hot temperatures, you may see a slight change in consistency when cold weather settles in. To deter issues, make sure you pick up a good lubrication product that works well at low temperatures. In the event you start having issues with a garage door that is making a lot of noise or sticking closed or open, you may need garage door repair services. 

3. Garage door torsion springs can be a bit less limber. 

Be careful about putting undue stress on your garage door torsion springs when the temperatures are colder than usual. The cold can cause the springs to have a bit more vulnerability to breakage, so leaving the door open for long periods is not recommended. If you spot problems with the springs losing their resiliency, be sure to reach out to a local garage door repair professional for help. When these springs do break, the lack of support can cause the door to close suddenly.