Can I Do My Own Garage Door Repairs?

While many homeowners have zero problems leaving the maintenance and repairs of the various systems inside their home to a professional, there are several that relish every opportunity to get their hands dirty. They don't necessarily look for problems, but when one appears, they look for the right tools and instructions to get the job done.

One spot in the home that demands attention from time to time is the garage door. Whether it's a track that's out of alignment, a roller that needs to be replaced, or a spring that is snapped, many homeowners feel like they're capable of handling these types of repairs. There are a few reasons, however, that you should leave at least some of the above repairs to a professional, such as the ones outlined below.


While lubricating the tracks on your garage door is not a big deal, replacing the spring absolutely is. Whether it's a torsion or an extension spring, these devices are under an intense amount of pressure, and the slightest bit of miscalculation can cause the entire thing to snap and could hurt somebody standing nearby. Even regular repairs have their dangers. Every year, there are hundreds of people who are taken to emergency rooms for garage door related injuries. While you may be tempted to underestimate the danger in a simple garage door repair, it's wise to leave them in the hands of a trained professional.


There's no doubt that one of the biggest advantages to working on your home yourself is the perceived labor costs, but that savings may not always be what you expect. Aside from the time spent learning and working on your garage door, you also have to factor in the cost of tools, many of which cannot be obtained at your local hardware store. Garage door companies generally buy the materials they need for repairs straight from the manufacturer at a pretty significant discount, which means you'll be paying market rates for items that you'll only use a few times.


These days, garage doors are not just a way to protect your cars and belongings. They're also massive energy saving devices that can significantly decrease your utility bills. If these systems are not done correctly, you will notice a slight increase in your energy bills, rendering any savings that you may have worthless. Moreover, a faulty DIY job will almost always lead to a service call from a professional garage door company to fix the error and the initial garage door repair, which makes an already difficult situation even worse. 

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