Things To Let The Installer Know Before Getting A New Garage Door Installed On Your Off-Grid Home

Even in a home tucked away in an off-grid location can need a garage or shop, and that part of your home or property is going to need some type of door. Most likely, you will make your way to the local garage door company, pick out a door, and make arrangements for installation. Even though this is the common way the process goes when any homeowner gets a new garage door, your installation can be unique as an off-grid homeowner. Here are a few things to make sure the garage door installer knows before they head your way.

Let the garage door installation company know if your property is especially hard to access. 

Off-grid doesn't always mean hard to access; it only means you are not connected to public utilities. However, the majority of people who prefer an off-grid lifestyle choose to plant their homes in a secluded location. Secluded locations can come along with some access challenges, especially if a larger vehicle is delivering your garage door for installation. For instance, if your driveway is a graveled steep incline, this could be problematic for some vehicles. Make sure to alert the installer about any challenges they could face getting to your home to install your garage door. 

Let the installation company know if you will have power to your garage door. 

Installing a garage door typically involves also installing a garage door opener. Of course, a garage door opener does require some type of power to function. You may prefer to have a door that can be easily opened and closed manually. Or, you may need a garage door opener that utilizes as little power as possible because you anticipate connecting it to a solar system. If you do have plans to connect to a solar system, you may even want a backup generator that can be used to power the opener when there is not ample sunlight. All of these are things the garage door installation company should know. 

Let the garage door installer know if they will need to bring their own power sources. 

Installing a garage door does not involve a ton of electricity, but there may be instances when the installers will need some power. For example, if the installation involves using power drills or will require the use of lights, the contractors may need electric power. If you do not have electricity available, it is a good idea to let the garage door installation company know so they can plan and prepare accordingly with their own power supplication methods.