A New Garage Door Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Homeowners are typically concerned with the value of their house. Naturally, you're proud of your house, and you want other people to value it, too. That fact is especially true if you plan on selling it in the near future. Find out how a new garage door can actually add value to your home.

Increase in Safety

A dilapidated garage door can be a safety hazard. If the hinges are broken, parts of the door can fall unexpectedly and injury anyone underneath.

The bigger safety boost from a garage door comes from the way it keeps your home secure. If parts of the garage door are broken, would-be intruders might find an easier entry into your garage and then your home. What's more, you can upgrade your garage door opener at the time of installation so you get new security features such as smart technology.

Decrease in Utility Bills

Old doors are rarely energy-efficient. Even if they started out relatively energy-efficient, the gaps in panels and between the door and frame mean conditioned air is transferring through. The temperature in the garage can impact the temperature in your living quarters.

Garage door dealers offer many energy-efficient options. For instance, you can get a door with natural insular values, such as those made of wood. You can also get a door with added foam, which is common for both steel and aluminum. The new door will also come with new weather stripping, which acts as another barrier to the air transfer.

Added Curb Appeal

A dinged-up and dirty door isn't doing your house any favors in the looks department. Garage doors are big, so they take up a lot of the façade. As experts point out, people in the past didn't give much thought to how the garage door added to the overall look of the house, but that fact has changed.

What's more, you have numerous options in style. You can choose between stock, semi-custom, and custom doors. Even stock doors come with different glass pane and trim options. So, a new garage door will boost your house's curb appeal.

Improved Return on Investment

All of those above benefits help you with your bottom line if you're selling your house. A garage door isn't cheap, but it's a lot less expensive than a brand-new kitchen or bathroom. So, a new garage door makes for a good return on investment.

An attractive house can actually entice buyers in. So, you might get more people who do a walk-through of your house. You can probably even add to the asking price.

Give your house a quick makeover in functionality and beauty with a new garage door. Speak to local contractors about garage door installation.